Q. What time do doors open & what time is the party over?
A. Doors Open at 8:00 pm (with a warm indoor heated lineup)
A. Last call for alcohol is 2:00 am & party is over at 2:30 am

Q. What type of music will you play?
A. Top 40, Club Anthems, Old School, Electro, Hip Hop, 80's, Rock, Reggae!

Q. Can we bring Weapons or Props that are part of our costume?
A. No, weapons that reflect violence, like a gun, or knife
A. A caveman can bring a plastic club - YES.

Q. What is the age range at THRILLER?
A. 18 to 35 years of age.
A. Lots of business professionals, admin staff & lots of students!

Q. Can we wear Full Face masks to Thriller & are costumes mandatory?
A. Masks - YES!
A. Costumes are mandatory!
A. Dressing up in scrubs does not make you a doctor and is not a costume! (be creative!)

Q. How do we enter the costume contests?
A. We have a team of scouts on site, who will find YOU, they see everyone arrive and will approach contestants.

Q. Where can I download some of the mixes from your DJ's?
A. DJ Kwake podcast djkwake.podomatic.com

Q. When does the line up start at Thriller & is there coat check?
A. Line up will begin around 7:30 pm
A. There will be coat check, but we will have a faster, quicker line for patrons without jackets, so think ahead
A. The earlier you come and get ready to get in, the faster the line will move and the less you will have to wait
A. If you come peak hour, you can expect a short wait to get in.

Q. Can I buy a ticket at the door?
A. If the show is not sold out in advance, YES.
A. No reservations for tickets will be made, we only accept CASH payment at the door for tickets.
A. There are ATMs on site for your use and the tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis.
A. The price for door tickets is always more than what you pay in advance.

Q. Can we bring cameras?

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